Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

About Brainport



Start-ups create dynamism, growth and jobs. Brainport wants to be among the world’s top 20 start-up ecosystems. We’re creating a productive environment with a unique buzz, which makes Brainport an attractive location for foreign start-ups. Each year we support around a thousand start-ups, which generate 200 highly-promising technology companies that go on to be successful. Our broad approach aims at: enhancing entrepreneurial skills; providing more international visibility; improving the link between supply and demand of capital and strengthening the start-up networks. Particular attention is given to growth companies, where we bring in the experience of the top tech companies in the region, like Philips, ASML, NXP, DAF, VDL Group and FEI Company, to provide both inspiration and development muscle. We can also provide additional support by promoting the cooperation of our unique network of industrial suppliers (Brainport Industries) and the targeted support of business clusters.

Dutch Design Week 2017 21 October - 29 October

Dutch Design Week 2017

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Glow 2017 11 November - 18 November

Glow 2017

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Debat in de Stad - 13 November 2017 13 November

Debat in de Stad - 13 November 2017

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Debat in de Stad - 7 maart 2018 07 March

Debat in de Stad - 7 maart 2018

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