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People are living longer, but the average number of healthy years is not increasing. More than half of all senior citizens are affected by chronic disease. This is a problem for society, made worse by ever-rising healthcare costs. What’s needed is more effective use of available technology and a different way of organising healthcare, where the patient can be in control. If seniors stay healthier longer, they can lead more fulfilling lives and continue to contribute to both society and the economy. Possible plans for the establishment of a ‘living lab’ in Brainport would enable the testing and development of new care technologies in combination with social innovation on a larger scale. If successful, it could prove an important stimulus both for developing competencies and new partnership models for care providers, but also for research within academic institutions, for start-ups in the healthcare sector and for new innovation by companies developing in the region or looking to locate here.

Dutch Design Week 2017 21 October - 29 October

Dutch Design Week 2017

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Debat in de Stad - 13 November 2017 13 November

Debat in de Stad - 13 November 2017

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Debat in de Stad - 7 maart 2018 07 March

Debat in de Stad - 7 maart 2018

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