Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

About Brainport

Brainport Foundation

The Brainport Foundation is a close-knit partnership of industry, research and government that sets the parameters to enable the Brainport region to maintain and strengthen its position as a top technology region. The Brainport Foundation determines the strategy of the development agency: Brainport Development.

The ultimate goal is to continue Brainport’s success and establish it internationally as one of the high-tech innovation regions of the world. This isn’t just an ambition, but a necessity in order to remain competitive and keep ahead of competing regions in Europe. Brainport has become one of the three cornerstones of the Dutch economy, along with Rotterdam Seaport and Amsterdam Airport. Until recently, the foundation’s direction came from strategic programs ‘Navigator 2013, beyond Lisbon!’ (2005) and subsequently ‘Brainport 2020: Vision, strategies and implementation’ (2011). Now Brainport has mapped out a new route to the future and its “Next Generation” Strategy focuses on enhancing the business climate and taking advantage of technological and social changes, and challenges, to build economic growth and a new route to the future.

J.A. (John) Jorritsma, Mayor Eindhoven, chairman
P.J.M.G. (Elly) Blanksma-van den Heuvel, Helmond Municipality, Mayor Helmond
A.M. (Letty) Demmers-van der Geest, Veldhoven Municipality, Deputy Mayor Veldhoven
J.G.M.T. (Hans) Ubachs, Best Municipality, Deputy Mayor Best
vacancy MRE
ir. J.H.J. (Jan) Mengelers, President of the board of the University, Secretary/ Quaestor Brainport Foundation
drs. A.H.P.M. (Antoine) Wintels, President of the Board of Summa College
drs. E.C. (Nienke) Meijer, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, President of the Board of the University
dr. K. M. (Koen) Becking, Tilburg University, President of the Board of the University
A.j.A. (Arnold) Stokking, Managing Director Industrial Innovation TNO,
ir. J.J. (Hans) de Jong, Philips Electronics Benelux, Chairman of the Board,
ir. M.H. (Marc) Hendrikse, Brainport Industries Cooperation U.A.
F.J. (Frits) van Hout, Member of the Board of Management ASML Holding NV ,
F.H.G.M. (Frans) Huijbregts, CEO Huijbregts Groep
A.A.J. (Ad) van Berlo, Chairman VanBerlo Group