Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

About Brainport

Brainport Talent Centre

The Brainport Talent Centre (BTC) is a unique, independent partnership of industry, education, research and government. The BTC sources and matches technological talent in an innovative way through online communities, a shared talent pool and intelligent matching.

Apart from attracting and retaining talent, the BTC is geared to sharing expertise: knowledge about the employment market worldwide, labour mobility and retention of knowledge workers. ‘We are going to develop a new, innovative way of sourcing and matching talent, such as making use of online communities, where technology people all over the world share knowledge with each other and build networks,’ says Van Hest. ‘We have defined the key themes in the Brainport region, the springboard for our intrinsic promotion of the region. We know how motivated technical people are by content of their job or assignment.’

An innovative online tool is being developed for matching: the Brainport talentBOX, where talents can be matched with employers. ‘A candidate looking for a job can immediately see upon registration what jobs and employers are best suited to him or her. Vice versa, an employer can check out the candidates,’ Van Hest explains. ‘It is the unique collaboration here that is quite special. It is a concept that to date has never been used in one and the same sector.’

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