Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

About Brainport

Brainport Eindhoven offers an inspiring environment to set up a business

As an entrepreneur in the high-tech industry, you can boost your revenue, improve the quality of your product and access expert technicians in the Brainport Region, in the southeast Netherlands. Brainport is the location to start a new innovative company, launch a new product, or accelerate your company’s growth.

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Innovative community

Many leading OEMs, such as ASML, FEI, DAF, VDL, NXP and Philips have led the way in creating an innovative technology environment, with many additional spin-offs and start-ups. This creative community is registering four patents a day and together with a collaborative chain of suppliers, renowned research institutions and designers, they form a highly specialized, open and innovative business community, which develops and commercializes technological knowledge. This is why innovations in the Brainport region get to market faster, and with more success.

Activities and programs for entrepreneurs

Brainport offers many different activities and programs to support entrepreneurs.
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The most inventive city in the world

As an entrepreneur in the high-tech and design industry, Brainport, centered on Eindhoven, empowers you to boost revenue, improve the quality of your product and get access to expert engineers and global investors. Eindhoven is ranked third in the Financial Times’ Foreign Direct Investment Index and is the most inventive place in the world based upon patent density. In short, Brainport is the place to accelerate growth.

'Eindhoven is hands down the most inventive city in the world'
Forbes Magazine, 2013

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Enabling development through co-operation

Brainport offers the entrepreneur a business ecosystem that encourages creative partnerships with other companies and investors. Brainport stands for open innovation and co-operation. Companies join forces to develop products and services which meet many of the challenges facing societies in the areas of health, mobility, energy, food and security. Brainport innovation is addressing global needs both today and in the future.

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facts & figures

Regional export of Industrial goods has increased with almost


and also nationally this sector has shown growth
Labour productivity increasing faster than average with more than


above the Dutch average of 2,3 %
Brainport has a relatively high Number of fast-growing companies


this share being higher than the Dutch average (8%)
Regional economy is growing fast with


this share being higher than the Dutch average of 2 %

Grand challenges

In Brainport we come up with innovative, creative solutions for five major social challenges: health, mobility, energy, food and security. Read more

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