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About Brainport

Business finance

There’s an old Dutch business proverb: “costs come before profits”. Got a great business plan? Just got started? Growing fast? In whatever phase your business finds itself, you’ll need capital. So it’s good to know that there’s investment money available, and not just in the form of loans or subsidies. If you are an innovative entrepreneur, then you can count on the interest of venture capitalists.

How much capital you need, the type (shares, loan, subsidy) and the risk profile will differ per business phase and determine the financial possibilities. In the pre-seed and start-up phase it is often more realistic to look at the options afforded by (semi-)public means such as subsidies, government schemes and special programs.

Why Brainport?

Brainport’s advantage in the field of financing comes from its excellent co-operation with various different financiers in the region, who are in close contact with one another. An example of this is the BrightMove incubator. Brainport’s integrated financing network also means it’s well connected with financiers outside the region. This unique network gives companies more possibilities. Advisors will guide you to the right partners, and all parties work together to make more possible for companies in search of financing - so you can start fast and grow fast in Brainport.


Next Move is the starting point for all these initiatives, whether you’re a student with an idea for a company, a starter already on the way, or an SME engaged in new plans. The Business Developers at Next Move work with you on the business model, market introduction and financing, and make contact with experts that can help build a successful business case. Take a look at the opportunities in Brainport below. 

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Bright Move

Bright Move has two funding options for promising initiatives: the pre-seed fund aimed at the starter that wants to develop an innovative product or service, and the proof-of-concept fund which grants loans to test technical feasibility in a specific application.

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BOM Capital

BOM Capital makes risk-bearing investments in Brabant-based companies. Investments focus mainly on start-up and growing companies, but also on established innovative companies - sectors vital to the development of Brabant’s economy.

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SME loan guarantee

The Ministry of Economic Affairs stands part guarantor for the SME Loan Guarantee (BMKB) for companies needing a loan but unable to offer the bank sufficient security. The scheme is administered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

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RVO Innovation Credit

Do you have an innovative technical or clinical idea, but lack the financing to pursue it? Through the Innovation Credit, the Ministry of Economic Affairs helps finance the development of new products, processes or services with a strong business case.

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RVO Early Phase Financing

Early Phase Financing is aimed at ensuring that an idea gets support from the initial phase to the start of product development, including creating and analyzing commercial concepts, identifying the right market and developing the right licences.

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