Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

About Brainport

​ Business centers

Brainport Development

Startups and growing high-tech companies can find accommodation in one of the Brainport Development business centres at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven as well as the TU/e campus. The centres offer more than just accommodation. Apart from the good quality, representative business space complete with extensive facilities, entrepreneurs can make use of the supplementary services free of charge, like business advice, business finance, incubator programmes and networks. This creates optimum conditions to make a flying start as well as aid successful ongoing growth.


Bèta, Mu, Twinning en Catalyst

Brainport has four hypermodern high-tech business centres: Bèta and Mu at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Twinning and Catalyst at the TU/e Science Park. These theme-based centres offer start-ups and young companies from the same technology domain the opportunity to be located close to each other to enable easy, quick collaboration. The business advisors of Brainport Development support these entrepreneurs where possible in starting up and growing their businesses. The aim is for companies to grow and after a few years relocate elsewhere within Brainport.

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EIT ICT Labs offers an international business coaching infrastructure to support ICT spin-offs and SMEs. The organisation structure and the European network ensure a smooth landing for international companies. The Eindhoven base at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a top location where innovative ICT start-ups are encouraged.

EIT ICT Labs has rooms for conferencing, workshops and flexible workspaces. It wants to become a hotspot of ICT innovation, attract talent and investments to create new companies, jobs and societal impact. The Eindhoven location is connected with the other European locations like Paris, Trento, Berlin, Helsinki and Stockholm by an on-line video-conferencing system.

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Strijp S

Among the many options afforded by Strijp-S is the S-CLUSIV concept. This dynamic office concept on the top floor of the SWA, or Glass, building is intended to attract to the Strijp-S zone young entrepreneurs who can strengthen each other in various disciplines. This translates into the availability of exclusive, fully furnished workspaces equipped with an affordable extensive and flexible service package. Interested in renting a workspace?

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Place4Bizz Business Centers

Place4Bizz Business Centres can be found at several locations in the Brainport region, with office space (from 20m²) and work/production space (from 75m²) available. This compact accommodation has a high level of facilities, many options, good quality and a professional appearance.

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Apart from these (semi-)public centres, Brainport offers various commercial business centres via real estate agents and other intermediaries.

Founded by all

Founded by All is a breeding ground at the interface of design and technology. The members of this unique cooperative are new and established entrepreneurs that are all a 'Founder'. It is located on the fifth floor of the Clock building on Strijp-S. They work together, learn from each other and offer a comprehensive package: customers come to them for concept development, elaborating an idea into a product or service and market impact. In addition to the joint assignments, the entrepreneurs also have their own individual orders. New colleagues are as welcome as new orders; the cooperative wants to reach 50 members. Interested entrepreneurs can register for an intake.

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