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What requirements need to be met to start a business in the Netherlands? What legal forms are there? What taxes do I have to pay? Do I need a permit? How do I set up a branch office for my business? The starting point for all your questions is the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or KvK) operates independently and their expert staff can help you whether you’re just starting a business or already have years of experience. They can answer your questions or refer you to the numerous institutions and companies, in the Netherlands or abroad, that provide more information on specific subjects regarding international trade.

Find all the answers in the KvK brochure Starting your own business.


A self-employed entrepreneur is responsible for their own tax affairs. It is therefore important to know about the taxes that need to be paid and which deductions and exemptions may apply. Another responsibility is the obligation to keep business administration records in the event that the Tax Office needs to inspect them. The Tax Office should be notified as soon as business start-date is known.

  • If you start a one-person business, a professional partnership, a limited partnership or a general partnership, you can register your enterprise for the Tax Office and the Trade Register at the same time. Both registrations take place at the Chamber of Commerce. A ‘Registration Form Foreign Companies’ is available on the Tax Office’s website.
  • You can complete this form and take it, and the Registration forms of your company, to the Chamber of Commerce. You will need to submit the forms personally.
  • If you start a legal business, for example a private limited business (a BV), you will also have to notify the Tax Administration. The relevant form, the ‘Statement of information for starting up a business’ is also available on the website of the Tax Administration. Since incorporation of a BV can only be effected by means of a notarised deed, you will have to go to a civil-law notary before you can register the company.
  • You should register with the Tax Office at an early stage, because of certain tax facilities. For example, new businesses can often claim a VAT refund on investments, because more is usually paid at the start than is actually charged. New businesses are likely to be visited by a tax inspector, who checks whether the business records and administration meet the standards required. You can also arrange an appointment yourself.

Types of Taxs
The different taxes described below – apart from the corporation tax – are payable if your business is a one-person business, a professional partnership, a general partnership or a limited partnership. The taxation rules applying for an incorporated business, a BV, will not be described in detail.