Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

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The Brainport Eindhoven Region is a vibrant and highly innovative area in the Netherlands. The region offers high living standards, good work-life balance and exciting opportunities for your professional and personal development.

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The Brainport Eindhoven Region sets itself apart by its unique culture of open innovation. This arises from collaboration, exchange of knowledge and close working proximity. Business partners are enabled to share and multiply expertise and experience in an open environment, ahead of marketing their products, services and technologies.

In this open innovation ecosystem, partners collaborate together across disciplines. For example, scientists work with market researchers, designers, sociologists and psychologists, and actively involve their target groups (consumers, clients, patients) in order to generate better, more efficient results. The partners place a high level of trust in one another and this contributes to Brainport’s impressive level of collaborative success.

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Apart from offering ample opportunities for your and your family’s professional career, the Brainport region is a very pleasant place to live, with a great variety of cultural, leisure and outdoor activities. Whether you’d like to live in the heart of the city, leafy suburbs or beautiful countryside, everything is possible. All amenities are close at hand and easily accessible by car, public transport or bicycle! English is widely spoken and the local people are friendly, open-minded and down-to-earth. Many public and private organizations are here to welcome you to our region and to support you during all the stages of the moving process and settling in to another country.

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More and more older people in the workforce


against the 42% in 2013
For the first time since

unemployment fell, both regionally and nationally.
More young people, specially more girls


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More domestic migration to Brainport

people in 2014

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In Brainport we create innovative solutions for five major social challenges: health, mobility, energy, food and security. Read more

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