Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

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#10 - 10 Reasons to Invest in Brainport Eindhoven

Read about what makes the Brainport Eindhoven Region so attractive to investors across the world – from Canada to Taiwan to Australia. Click through to read about our unique investment climate. Below you can read about reason #10 'Rewards & Incentives for doing business in Brainport'. For a complete overview of the top 10 reasons: please visit the landing page.

Rewards & Incentives for doing business in Brainport

Soft landing programs and friendly and efficient taxation policies ensure new investors may count on a warm welcome to the Brainport Eindhoven Region.

A warm welcome to the Brainport Eindhoven Region

Within Brainport we welcome new investors and service their needs from the earliest ideas into soft landing programs when the actual investment materializes. It doesn’t just stop there - a wide variety of incubator and accelerator programs, like HighTechXL and Startupbootcamp, help new and existing businesses to reach their maximum potential. The Dutch government aims to create an attractive environment and welcomes knowledge workers and talent from abroad. The Holland Expat Center aids in the effectuation of the migration policy, which is to make life as easy as possible for highly educated knowledge workers.

Tax benefits for companies and employees

The Dutch government offers a wide range of friendly taxation for international companies and expatriates. The Netherlands applies a statutory corporate income tax rate of 25%, which is highly competitive within Europe. The Netherlands also offers multiple R&D incentives, including the innovation box, super deduction, reduced wage tax and social security contributions.
Tax treaties with many other countries (close to 100) ensure double taxation is avoided. For International knowledge workers we offer a 30% personal tax income advantage for qualified employees.

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