Is a leading technology region in Europe. Located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart, this top technology region of world standing creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow

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#03 - 10 Reasons to Invest in Brainport Eindhoven

Read about what makes the Brainport Eindhoven Region so attractive to investors across the world – from Canada to Taiwan to Australia. Click through to read about our unique investment climate. Below you can read about reason #03 'Prime infrastructure offering world acces'. For a complete overview of the top 10 reasons: please visit the landing page.

Prime infrastructure offering world acces

The Brainport region is connected to the world through one of the best highway systems in the world, an unequalled data infrastructure and the rapidly growing Eindhoven international Airport, coupled with easy access to major sea- and intercontinental airports.

Major transport hub

Within a 60 to 90 minute drive, you will find a domestic market of over 20 million people, two major seaports (Rotterdam and Antwerp) and three major intercontinental airports (Amsterdam Schiphol, Brussels and Düsseldorf). The Netherlands ranks 4th in the World Bank’s latest Logistics Performance Index (LPI). Eindhoven has a fast-growing international airport, second only to that of Amsterdam. It currently serves over 75 destinations in Europe, including 17 capital cities. Incidentally, the Netherlands retained its No.1 ranking in the 4th edition of DHL’s Global Connectedness Index, ahead of Singapore and Ireland.

World leading data infrastructure

The Brainport Eindhoven Region is well connected to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the largest and fastest data transport hub in the world. With a full-scale rollout of the fibre optic cable network, Brainport serves as the first and best-connected high-speed data hub in Europe. Broadband penetration has increased spectacularly in recent years, reaching 40.8% in 2014, which was ranked second worldwide. Internet penetration is also one of the highest in the world, with 96% of the Dutch population having access to internet.

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