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Holland expat center South

Holland Expat Center South is a joint initiative of municipalities, the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), Brainport Development, and the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Holland Expat Center South provides a one-stop-shop to help expats and their families settle in and familiarize themselves with their new living and working environment. At the Expat Center, expats can get help with moving to the Netherlands, information about the region and find out about events that are organized especially for the expat community. The main purpose is to help newcomers quickly feel welcome and at home!

The following types of residence are handled at Holland Expat Center South:

  • Highly Skilled Migrant and/or family member(s)
  • Scientific Researcher and/or family member(s)
  • Extension of the two above-mentioned
  • Change of residence status to Highly Skilled Migrant, Scientific Researcher or Orientation Year (zoekjaar)
  • Innovative start-up
  • EU citizen with an employment contract for a minimum of four months

For the aforementioned types of residence, a special ´Expat Center Procedure´ is available. The regular procedure of registering in the Netherlands involves going to an IND office in the region to pick up your residence permit and separately going to the respective town hall for registration with the municipality and receiving your BSN (Burger Service Number). The Expat Center Procedure in Eindhoven combines these two appointments in one location. You can be registered in over 30 municipalities in the South Netherlands, and are able to obtain your residence card from the IND straight away. Also, if you have not visited the Dutch embassy in your home country before coming to the Netherlands, you can submit your biometrics (photo and fingerprints) at the Expat Center, and receive a provisionary work permit in your passport.

Watch a video that explains the Expat Center Procedure that is available at Holland Expat Center South!

Apart from the Expat Center Procedure, the Expat Center South offers a Welcome Desk, both virtual and physical. Expats are invited to contact the welcome desk with any questions they may have about settling into the Netherlands, by telephone, email, via the website, Facebook page or in person.

Another service of the Expat Center is the Expat's Guide. A great resource for expats who are settling into the South Netherlands. The welcome guide is available for free at the Expat Center, or can be viewed and downloaded here.

Contact details Holland Expat Center South

Eindhoven (main office)
Vestdijk 27a, Eindhoven • +31 (0)40 238-6777 •

Maastricht Region
Mosae Forum 10 • +31 (0)43 350-5010 •

Stadhuisplein 128, Tilburg • +31 (0)40 238-6777 •