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Dutch language courses

Although nearly every Dutch person has a good command of English, learning some Dutch is recommended. It will help you in everyday life and the Dutch will highly appreciate that you made the effort. In addition, it can help you integrate and feel part of the local community.

To get official recognition of your Dutch language skills (in order to work for instance), you will need to follow a course that offers the NT2 exams. This is administered by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Personal Habituation Budget

To help newcomers integrate into Dutch society, the government financially supports them with a so-called Persoonlijk Inburgeringsbudget (Personal Integration Budget). When a foreigner registers with the municipality, the staff at the Town Hall check if he or she is obliged to naturalize. For those who are, two different tracks can be followed:

  1. The most extensive one includes an official State examination and an integration examination.
  2. If you meet certain criteria it is possible to follow a shorter course, which has the possibility of not taking the integration exam, yet the State examination remains obligatory.

There are many language schools in the area that offer Dutch language courses. An overview can be found on page 112 of the Expat Guide.