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Health care in the Netherlands

Health Care

The Netherlands has a high standard of health care and health insurance costs are on average €100 per month. The Dutch medical system is centered around the family doctor (General Practitioner), who coordinates all physical and mental healthcare. The Dutch medical culture is distinguished by the careful use of antibiotics and other medication, which are prescribed with reserve. This has resulted in a very low incidence of antibiotic-resistant infections. Another cultural difference is that pregnancy and childbirth are considered a natural condition in the Netherlands. Pain relief is used infrequently (though becoming more popular) and many women prefer to give birth at home.

Child care

The general term for day care in the Netherlands is ´kinderopvang´, which covers options such as host parents, day care facilities and nursery school. Some employers and universities have their own child care facilities, but parents mostly use special day care centers. The demand for day care facilities is high and it’s not unusual to encounter waiting lists.

GENERAL PRACTITIONERS in the Brainport region

In the Netherlands, the ´huisarts´(family doctor or General Practitioner/GP) plays a crucial role in health care. Whatever doctor or specialist you might need, a visit to your GP is the first stop on your way to receive medical treatment. A GP in the Netherlands holds all your medical information, and is therefore the only one in the medical system who has contact with all the medical institutions you might visit. Without a referral note from your GP, it is very hard to make an appointment with a specialist and your health insurance company might not reimburse you.

All family doctors have the same education and are approved by the Dutch authorities. You can make an appointment to meet a GP and discuss your personal requirements before deciding whether to register with him/her. It is always useful to take along your medical records from your home country.

Most people choose a GP close to their home. This makes it easier for you to visit the practice and for the doctor to visit you. For more information on how to find a GP, visit the website of Holland Expat Center Southor ask for the community guide (‘gemeentegids’) at the Town Hall.

Need medical help outside practicing hours?

There is 24/7 medical coverage throughout the region. Outside regular hours you can call the Central Doctors´ Practice : Centrale Huisartsenpost (CHP) Zuidoost-Brabant, to consult a doctor. This also applies to pharmacists.

CHP Zuidoost-Brabant

CHP Zuidoost-Brabant is only open outside office hours and has 3 locations: Helmond, Geldrop and Eindhoven.
Monday-Friday, 17:00-08:00
Weekends/holidays, 24 hours
Telephone number: 0900-8861 (10 eurocents per minute)


An overview of hospitals in the Brainport region:

Catharina Ziekenhuis
Michelangelolaan 2, Eindhoven
040-239 9111

Elkerliek Ziekenhuis
Henri Dunantweg 16, Deurne
049-332 8888
Julianastraat 2, Gemert
0492-595 555

Elkerliek Ziekenhuis
Wesselmanlaan 25, Helmond
0492-595 555

Máxima Medisch Centrum
040-888 8000
Ds. Th. Fliednerstraat 1, Eindhoven
De Run 4600, Veldhoven

St. Annaziekenhuis
040-286 4040
Bogardeind 2, Geldrop
Antoon Coolenlaan 1-03, Eindhoven

Most specialists in hospitals speak English. Many hospitals have their own area of expertise. For instance, Catharina Ziekenhuis in Eindhoven specializes in heart diseases, and MMC Veldhoven has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, NICU. There are also translators available in the hospitals who can be present at your consultation. Ask for this translation service when making your appointment.


For other healthcare services, please consult the website of Holland Expat Center South. For more information about the Dutch healthcare system, click here.