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AAL Award 2012 for Parkinson project

28 September 2012

During the AAL Forum 2012, that took place from 24 tot en met 27 September in Eindhoven the Netherlands the AAL Award have been given. The winner is the HELP-project.

The winner of the AAL Award the AAL JP project with the most promising, innovative project is the HELP-project. The price was given to project coordinator Jordi Rovira Simón, of Telefónica Spain. HELP means Home-based Empowerment Living for Parkinson’s Disease Patients. The consortium is designing a Health Monitoring System specifically targeted for the needs of Parkinson Disease Patients.

The HELP-system proposes solutions to improve quality of life of patients based on a body sensor and actuator network, made up of portable and wearable and home devices to monitor health parameters (blood pressure) and body activity (to detect gait, absence of movement). It also is based to release controlled quantity of drugs in an automatic fashion. The project also is based on a remote Point-of-Care unit to supervise the patients under clinical specialists control.

Without treatment the disease will progress in 5-10 years to a rigid, a kinetic state in which patients are incapable of caring for themselves. Death frequently results from complications of immobility, including aspiration pneumonia or pulmonary embolism. In good cases, good functional mobility can be maintained for years and the life expectancy increased substantially. The partners in this three year HELP-project are a hospital, two universities, SME’s, research centre and telecom companies from Spain, Israël, Italy and Germany.

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