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Danish minister visits the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven

07 February 2017

The Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brain Mikkelsen, visited the Brainport Region yesterday. Part of his visit included a stop at the High Tech Campus as well as the famed R&D organisation, the Holst Centre.

The visit was initiated by the Danish Ambassador Ole Moesby - who was impressed after his tour of the region last year along with more than 50 Ambassadors. Subsequently, the Danish government planned a trip to Brainport with its own seven-member delegation.

After a warm welcome by Mayor John Jorritsma in the Eindhoven city hall, the delegation members went to the High Tech Campus. At The Strip, Director Business Development of the campus, Cees Admiraal, provided a concise narrative of High Tech Campus’ history. He also explained how the open innovation ecosystem at the High Tech Campus works.

Last stop of the visit was at the Holst Centre. Here, the Danish delegation was given a glimpse of how wireless sensor technologies and flexible electronics are going to change our lives in the near future.

The main goal of the visit was to establish a closer collaboration between Brainport and Danish companies. Both the Netherlands – where the Brainport region is located – and Denmark are frontrunners in the area of R&D and innovation. According to the European Commission’s Innovation Union Scoreboard, both countries belong to Europe’s innovation leaders.