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Brainport based LifeSense Group wins most innovative wearable Tech Company award

13 February 2017

On February 7th 2017 at the WT I Wearable Technologies conference in Munich, Germany, Carin was crowned after a wildfire pitch competition as the best wearable healthcare product. LifeSense Group was selected one of the 29 finalists from a submission pool of 400 companies from over 60 countries. The team brought the Innovation World Cup back to their home base Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

An international panel of industrial experts choose Carin as the most innovative product according to criteria such as innovation, marketability and usability. Carin is an “outstanding example of the vibrancy and vitality of the wearables industry” according to the jury. Healthcare is the toughest competitive category according to the CEO of Wearable Technologies Christian Stammel.

LifeSense Group is honored with this excellent international recognition from the wearables industry. Valer Pop (CEO, LifeSense Group) considers this the crown on Carin symbolizing the team’s efforts to create Carin as a “life changing solution of the largest unspoken health problem that affects the lives of hunderds of millions of women worldwide”. The ambitions of LifeSense Group in 2017 are to become the fastest growing business in Europe and to create a most empowering IoT platform with Carin. To accelerate growth, LifeSense Group is looking to raise a series A 5M€ investment.

About Carin

The development of Carin started in 2012 and entered the market in 2015. Carin is developed with the purpose for helping everyday women manage bladder control issues. The line of hi-tech, absorbent, and beautiful underwear allows women to monitor urine loss throughout the day. Carin empowers women to take control of their bodies and health without sacrificing style and comfort.

About the company LifeSense Group

LifeSense Group is based at the High-Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and is a spin-off from the research institute Holst Center imec/TNO. The company mission is to revolutionize healthcare with wearable technology.