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Figures indicate that Eindhoven continues its success story

14 July 2016

e Brainport Eindhoven Region continues to be strong and successful as indicated by the recently published monitor. According to the 2016 Brainport Monitor, a yearly analysis of the economic development and competitiveness of the region, Brainport’s economy grew by 3% in 2015. This growth rate is one and a half times the Dutch average. Brainport is one of the fastest growing regions in the Netherlands, strengthening the economic growth begun the previous year. This success is evident across many areas, including an increase in investment by R&D companies, growth in exports, increased productivity and a reduction in unemployment levels.

Jan Mengelers, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e) and a member of the Executive Committee of the Brainport Foundation, presented the new Monitor figures on July 13. “We already knew we could be proud of this region, but I’m pleased that we can now confirm this increasing interest in the Brainport Region with consistency and solid data. We have to invest in R&D”, said Mengelers during the bi-annual network meeting ‘Brainport meets Brainport’ in the Evoluon building, Eindhoven.

Labor market

The analysis of the Brainport region (Southeast Brabant) showed predominantly positive figures. The region is, economically, one of the fastest growing in the Netherlands. The figures were notable for the improving picture in the labor market. Unemployment fell for the first time since 2011, with an increase of 1,400 jobs, a little over the national average.

Living environment

The figures also highlight areas where more attention is needed, for example, the ageing population, and the availability of reliable data on living environment and the startup community. The Brainport Monitor is compiled each year by Brainport Development and is based on external data sources, for example the Central Statistical Office, the LISA employment register, the European Patent Office and ‘Technical Weekly’ publication. The Brainport Monitor 2016 is the ninth edition, and is published online this year for the first time.

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