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Dutch government launches request for testing level 4 autonomous driving

18 July 2017

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Province of Noord-Brabant, Rijkswaterstaat and the municipalities of Eindhoven, Tilburg and Helmond have taken the next step in promoting connected, cooperative and autonomous driving. A request under the name of MobilitymoveZ.NL was published on Dutch and international contracting websites. The aim is to test Level 4 autonomous driving (people and goods transport) together with national and international private parties in an urban environment over the coming four years. We will do this in daily practice with regular consumers and employers.

It's not only about technique but mainly also about the use and impact of autonomous driving on users, employers, traffic managers, leasing and rental companies and other direct stakeholders in daily practice in and around the city.

Aimed at a diversity of private parties
In addition to the automation of vehicles (autonomous driving) and mutual communication and data exchange (connected and cooperative driving), this testing and development environment will also include ‘on demand’ functions (MaaS - Mobility as a Service) and the required provisions for zero emission haulage and transport. The requests will focus on (R&D and innovation departments of) car manufacturers (OEMs), providers of MaaS services, 1st-tier suppliers, IT companies with a focus on and capabilities for traffic and mobility, lease companies, car importers or insurers.

Government facilitates preconditions
Separate R&D agreements will be made with interested companies. In turn, the government will offer the necessary preconditions based on practical needs. This includes communication facilities, exemptions and experimental space in legislation and rules.

Market dialogue and detailed requests are the next steps
After this first invitation to companies and organisations to make their interests known, the next phase (September) will involve entering into dialogue with interested companies. Detailed descriptions of the functionalities to be tested are the next step. The first agreements will probably be signed in the last quarter of 2017. In advance of national and international responses to this request and the broader commencement of the testing and development assignments, a number of small-scale tests will take place in the coming period under the flag of MobilitymoveZ.NL.

More information or filling out an interest form*
Interested parties can find more information on www.MobilitymoveZ.NL and make their interest known by completing the interest form and sending it to

*The official announcement can be found on the TED and TenderNet websites.