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Exhibition 'Beautiful everyday quality' by Studio Macura

01 June 2017

Yksi Connect is participating in the rotating exhibition 'Made in Brainport Eindhoven' featuring work by young designers from Brainport Eindhoven. Studio Macura will display their work from June 12 to august 31 2017 in the Brainport Development office on Emmasingel 11 in Eindhoven.

Studio Macura collection is a design label of domestic accessories and furnishings. The label consists of compelling design objects and accessories suitable for both domestic as well as contract environments. The objects are conceived and created to please by their aesthetics, wit and unexpected interpretation. The collection promises to bring forth enduring, unique designs that are functional, beautiful and moderately priced.

The approach of studio Macura is honest and original. In every piece of their collection they try to capture the paradox of something that is very distinct and appealing yet still inherently familiar to people. As much as they like to be surprised, they also like to cling to things that are known and have a beautiful everyday quality about them. They seek, both wings and roots, the known and the unknown.

Ingeborg and Marko co-founded the Studio Macura collection of design objects and home accessories in 2010. Respectively, coming from different backgrounds, graphic and product design, they merge together their professional talent and experience to create the products of the collection.

Sponsored by: Yksi Expo - Yksi Connect and Brainport Development.