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Exhibition Ontwerplabel Vij5: 10 new products in 10 weeks’ time

28 November 2017

Yksi Connect is participating in the rotating exhibition 'Made in Brainport Eindhoven', featuring work by young designers from Brainport Eindhoven. Label Vij5 will exhibit a selection of its latest work from November 24 2017 to February 15 2018 in the Brainport Development office at Emmasingel 11 in Eindhoven.

Ontwerplabel Vij5
Arjan van Raadshooven (architect, TU Eindhoven) and Anieke Branderhorst (Design Academy Eindhoven) have a design studio, working area and showroom called Ontwerplabel Vij5, which is situated at the Hallenweg in Eindhoven. They create their own designs, but also incorporate products of other (young) designers into their collection. The past months Vij5 introduced ten new products at various trade shows and events in the Netherlands and abroad. A selection of these products will be exhibited at Brainport Development.

Floris Hovers designed the candle stick called Fixum, which is as stylish as functional. Lotte de Raadt’s terra cotta water decanter and the ceramic collection, designed by means of a new glazing technique developed by van Raadt, are also beautiful. Ontwerpduo (Nathan Wierink & Tineke Beunders) exhibits the lamp Lloop XL and Hanne Willmann presents a number of wooden boards smartly designed with permanent structures and reliefs. 

Sponsored by: Yksi Expo - Yksi Connect and Brainport Development.

Exhibition Ontwerplabel Vij5: 10 new products in 10 weeks’ time