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Europe’s Largest Virtual Reality Experience Center to open in Eindhoven

02 September 2016

Europe´s largest Virtual Reality Experience Center will open in Eindhoven in two months, with the first phase of this innovative concept being launched during Dutch Design Week (October 22-30). The Eindhoven startup Enversed is currently building the center, which measures some 3,000 m2 (over 32,000 sq. ft.), at Strijp-S, a former Philips factory site in the heart of the city.

At the Enversed Center, the power of virtual experience is unleashed in unique games,escape rooms, team-building environments, workshops, and training sessions. These experiences have been designed by Enversed’s dedicated production team for both general recreation and the corporate market. The space can accommodate up to 100 users per hour as they discover the limitless world of virtual reality together with their friends, family and colleagues.

Unique Experience

Enversed believes that virtual reality provides a truly unique experience when it can be shared with others. “It is incredibly fun to get lost in a virtual world with your friends or co-workers. At our center, you can race through a cloudscape in an airship,escape from some unknown planet and do much more,” says Sander Winters, cofounder of Enversed.


Enversed is working on the computer hardware for its centers in partnership with MSI, a world leader in ultra-fast gaming computers. The two companies are pioneers in the field of VR innovation. By joining forces, they hope to provide future users with an exclusive, out-of-the-ordinary event. Enversed Virtual Reality Centers have been specifically designed for people who want to get away from the everyday and enjoy boundary-expanding virtual experiences with their friends, family and colleagues. Those who want to be the first to explore the world of Enversed are welcome starting in late October, when the first phase of the center will be presented during opening festivities.