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About Brainport

Prince Constantijn new ambassador for startups

24 May 2016

Foto: /Jeroen Kraan

Neelie Kroes (Special Envoy, StartupDelta) and Jan Kees de Jager (CFO, KPN) launched the 10th of May ´Costa´, a programme aimed at improving and strengthening cooperation between corporates and startups by sharing information and best-practices among top tier corporates. This initiative fits well with the method of Brainport where for some time with success corporates and start-ups are brought together to learn from each other. Brainport is as start-up hub connected with StartupDelta.

A group of twenty front-runners, so called Chief Startup Officers (CSO’s), have been chosen to participate and will take part in a series of expert meetings. Among the corporates are Philips, KPN, ING, Shell, Eneco, DSM, AkzoNobel KLM, Port of Rotterdam and Thales.

Startups are the engine for growth and innovation. One of the core goals of StartupDelta is strengthening the Dutch ecosystem by connecting parties in the startup ecosystem, like corporates and startups, to strengthen collaboration. In order to achieve this, Neelie Kroes and Jan Kees de Jager have come up with the COSTA programme to further cooperation between startups and corporates.


Cooperation between Startups and corporates is important because the two reinforce each other’s strengths and potential. COSTA aims to clarify on the one hand; how a corporate can become ‘startup-ready,’ and on the other hand; how startups can become ‘corporate-ready.’

Corporates have access to an international network, of which a startup could benefit to speed up their process of growth and innovation. Collaborating with an innovative startup on the brink of regeneration will make corporates more competitive in a market that is evolving at a fast rate. For startups having a corporate as launching customer will make growth possible and tap into a global network that can help them grow and expand.

Startup Fest Europe

COSTA will bring together the CSO’s several times during the year in order to share knowledge, successes, failures and experiences. The first meeting is held during Startup Fest Europe. COSTA works together with partners VNO-NCW, CVNN, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam School of Management and the municipality of Eindhoven.