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Smart delegation from Ohio visits Automotive Week 2017

21 February 2017

delegation from the US state of Ohio will be visiting the Automotive Campus in Helmond during the Automotive Week 2017 which will be held in the last week of March.

Carla Bailo, affiliated with the Ohio State University, will be the keynote speaker on behalf of the delegation about the combined ambitions of the City of Columbus and Ohio in the field of Smart Mobility. This presents a great opportunity for the companies from the Brainport Region to collaborate by thinking about smart traffic solutions.

The federal government in the United States announced last year that they were going to make 40 million dollars available for Smart City projects in the city of Columbus. The goal is to extensively test intelligent transport systems in the city.

‘’Since we already have a lot of experience with this in the Netherlands, our companies will be the right partners to help develop Smart Mobility solutions in Columbus’’, says Bram Hendrix, manager Smart Mobility at AutomotiveNL. ‘’A delegation from Columbus has visited the Netherlands in the past. Following which we went to the United States with STORM, the world's first electric touring motorcycles run by a student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Now there is another delegation coming here. A clear sign that the representatives of Columbus are open to our ideas.’’

Chip manufacturer NXP is one of the companies that already invests in smart traffic projects in the American city. Hendrix says: ‘’NXP is one of the private partners for the City Columbus. This is a great starting point to engage in a strategic collaboration with Columbus. We would like to help to set up a smart program for truck platooning (a technique where trucks are electronically connected and drive behind each other – without drivers – on the publics coded red.).’’


The Automotive Campus in Helmond will be holding the Automotive Week 2017 from March 27 till Marc 31. For almost a week there will be presentations and demonstrations about the theme Where Smart Mobility Meets Traffic for several target audiences. Cluster organization AutomotiveNL is organizing the Automotive Week 2017 along with fourteen partners. Registration is free.