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Women in tech networking event

14 March 2017

As a logical continuation of our Women in Tech stories, we hosted an event along with the Municipality of Eindhoven to create a platform for Women in technology to come together. In a bustling evening, attended by over 70 women in the Brainport region, the energy in the room was palpable as visiting cards were exchanged and connections were made.

Several ‘’blue sky’ moments were shared as the women reflected on how they could take charge and make a difference in encouraging women in technology.

Mary-Ann Schreurs, Vice mayor of the city, summed it up when she said, ‘We own the future, it is in our hands to make the changes we want. ‘’

The diversity in the beautiful setting at the Kazerne in Eindhoven, filled with art and technology, in Eindhoven with several nationalities, age groups and backgrounds ranging from photonics to medtech to food tech, all summed the region that is Brainport.

The crowning moment was perhaps when a young engineer shared – “ I’m going to be “that girl”. Don’t be assertive in meetings? Sorry — I have experience to share. Don’t offer feedback? No thanks. Just go along to get along? Forget that! It’s ok to be a strong, assertive leader. We’re either all stepping forward or we’re all stepping back, and forward’s better. ”

Given this outlook, the future of women in tech in the Brainport region looks optimistic indeed.