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Bosch and Brabant: both a cradle and a breeding ground for transmission technology

An expert in continuously variable transmissions (CVT), Tilburg-based Bosch Transmission Technology leads the global market in pushbelts for automatic transmissions in cars. In 2012, annual production amounted to 4.5 million pushbelts, double the number the company turned out five years previously. “Aside from Europe, demand for our product has been growing in Asia and the US in particular,” says Senior Vice President Coen Rooijmans. Bosch Transmission Technology clients include not only carmakers, but also leading transmission manufacturers such as JATCO and Punch Powertrain.

Thanks to the increase in demand for CVT pushbelts and the need for greater innovation, Bosch Transmission Technology will spend over 100 million euros before 2016 to increase production capacity and implement new technologies. “We have everything here that our business requires,” says Rooijmans. “A network of leading high-tech companies, a strong automotive industry, well-trained engineers who are also internationally oriented, and a variety of universities with which we work closely. In addition, Brabant has an excellent infrastructure, and we are close to international ports and airports.”

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