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IntelliCap Oral Drug Delivery System Wins European Innovation Award

The IntelliCap electronic oral drug delivery technology, created by medtech innovator Medimetrics, has won a prestigious European ‘High‐Tech Innovation Award’ from Accenture, the global management consultancy.

As Medimetrics CEO Olaf Weiner explained: “We are delighted to win this award, in recognition of the unique capabilities of the technology behind our drug delivery systems. The use of IntelliCap will help deliver a revolution in healthcare which both saves costs and improves the outcomes for patients.”

The IntelliCap system was introduced into the market in 2011. An increasing number of pharma companies are using this powerful tool in the early‐stage development and life cycle management of drugs. This unique, interactive device enables personalization of medications and treatments, empowering scientists to establish quickly the effective medication dose and delivery requirements. This reduces the risk of failure in expensive, late stage clinical trials, due to lack of safety or efficacy.

While the IntelliCap system is applied today to speed the development of new products, the technology’s strength is its ability to enable the development of other pioneering products. As Dr Weiner added: “The spirit of the award was to recognise the potential of the IntelliCap technology. Its ability to adapt and personalise during delivery will help usher in an era of smart pharmaceuticals to the benefit of patients.”

An early example is in the field of women’s health. LiGalli, a pioneering Dutch company led by Dr. Willem de Laat, is integrating the technology into a novel vaginal drug delivery system that enables new therapies. In another example, IntelliCap technology creates a means of sampling and mapping content from the small intestine to identify its microbiological composition, in a non‐invasive way. The mapping process will provide novel insights into how certain foods and also therapeutic agents might react in the gut and so affect our health.

About Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery B.V.
Medimetrics is emerging as the global leader in electronic oral drug delivery devices, providing its IntelliCap products, services and technology to the world’s largest pharma, food and technology customers. Medimetrics has research labs, service centres and administrative offices in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Heilbronn, Germany and in New York, USA.

The company was originally formed by Philips to develop the IntelliCap system as a research tool. However, its expansion into medical devices saw the emergence of Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery B.V. as a fully‐ fledged company in its own right in 2011. In addition to its continued association with Philips, Medimetrics has substantial investment from the Germany‐based Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn GmbH & Co KG, which identifies and supports innovative brand leaders of the future. For further information, visit

IntelliCap is a registered trademark of Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery B.V. in the United States of America and Europe.