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Young Brainport Summer School - Carlos Enrique Moguel Lehmer

What were your main reasons for participating in the Young Brainport Summer School?
I want to study physics. I am attracted to theoretical physics but I also wanted to learn more about applied physics and this was an excellent opportunity to see how physics is applied.

What are some of the absolute highlights of this week?
I liked our visit to PANalytical. All of this X-ray stuff…. Great. PANalytical’s Director Maarten van Andel was really, really great. I enjoyed his profound lecture, the way in which he challenged us and the fact that we could discuss the theory with him. We also talked to the CEO from Huijbregts, mr. Huijbregts, he was so warm and nice and extremely inspiring. A genuine entrepreneur, the kind of person that wants to put effort into reaching goals. We could have talked to him much, much longer.

What are you enjoying most?
I am enjoying a lot of things. The academic aspect is nice, but you can also learn theory from books. The interaction with the other participants, who I now consider friends, is really, really great. I was surprised that everyone speaks English very well and I am surprised by Eindhoven. It is very different from Mexico. Eindhoven is a very technological city but it is also so green. You don’t see that in Mexico. Furthermore I enjoy that everyone is so nice here. Both participants as the organisers. I really enjoy the mix of cultures. All these different cultural backgrounds. It opens your mind.

What did you get out of this week?
I want to study theoretical physics and I was planning on only applying for internships at universities but now I want to apply for an internship at a company as well for a while because this week has taught me that it is really enriching to see how physics is applied.

What do you want to say to high school students that participate in the next editions of the Young Brainport Summer School?
Don’t be shy! Some people here are brilliant but they are still a bit shy, they should be more self-confident. My advice to them is: participate, mix and make sure you are heard!

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