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Young Brainport Summer School - Maha Hassan

What were your main reasons for participating in the Young Brainport Summer School?
There actually were several reasons for me to participate. I like travelling, I like physics and I like meeting people from different cultures. And last but certainly not least, one of the reasons for me to participate is that I am very proud of representing my country here. Egypt is not represented at international events and gatherings very often. This makes me very, very proud to be here.

What are some of the absolute highlights of this week?
The visit to the PlasmaLab of Eindhoven University of Technology is one of the things I liked most. I never saw real plasma before. That was really, really nice.

What are you enjoying most?
Meeting the other participants. And getting to know more about their cultures and hear how physics is applied in their countries.

What did you get out of this week?
A lot of hands on experience. In Egypt we don’t have something like this. You really get answers here on questions you have on how to apply physics. And I actually think about getting into university here in Eindhoven or about applying for a future internship at one of companies in the Brainport region.

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