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VanBerlo: Building international relationships in its own backyard

Famous for their product design and international branding, VanBerlo in Eindhoven is often a first stop for foreign investors. The company is behind the commercial breakthrough of many well-known brands in a wide variety of industries. Its clients include Huawei, Dorel Maxi-Cosi, RB, Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Philips. “At VanBerlo we not only gain inspiration from our staff, but also from contact with our clients,” says New Business Manager Bas Berkhout.

Although VanBerlo is active in markets around the world, particularly the UK, United States and China, the company is increasingly investing in building relationships with international businesses in its own backyard: Brabant’s ‘Brainport area’ around Eindhoven. “Companies located in the Brainport area, particularly in the high-tech industry, have large worldwide networks,” explains Berkhout. “So, investing in relationships with companies here is also a stepping stone to international markets.”

Together with BOM, VanBerlo is also working to build relationships for long-term cooperation and investment in Brabant. “BOM is key to initiating and developing those relationships and assuring a prosperous business environment in Brabant for the long-term,” adds Berkhout.

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