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Young Brainport Summer School - Max De Bock

What were your main reasons for participating in the Young Brainport Summer School?
At school regular physic subjects are taught. Young Brainport Summer School offers me the opportunity to see what you can actually do after you have studied physics. I wanted to know what my options are after I start studying physics.

What are some of the absolute highlights of this week?
I really liked our visit to Philips. Philips’s engineers and scientists told us exactly what their part had been in developing a product and what their tasks had been during the development of that product. I was really fascinated by the scientist who had developed an epilator. I always thought that scientists or engineers only contributed to an extremely small part of a machine or product but he invented most of the machine by himself. DIFFER ((Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research) was really nice as well. The fusion reactor was really impressive.

What did you get out of this week?
For me it was a confirmation that aiming at studying physics is a good choice. I am considering applying for Eindhoven University of Technology or Cambridge.

What would you like to say to possible future participants of the Young Brainport Summer School?
That you should participate! You get lots of information on how physics is applied by companies and it is a fabulous experience. I had expected the participants to be somewhat more introvert but almost everybody is very outgoing and integrates really well. Moreover there are no language barriers.

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