met Eindhoven als hart, is een innovatieve toptechnologieregio van wereldformaat. Hier bedenken we oplossingen voor de maatschappelijke uitdagingen van morgen.

Over Brainport

AUTOMATON - Machine-making bootcamp for dystopian futures

29 april - 05 mei | Leidingstraat 17A, Eindhoven | AUTOMATON | Website

An initiative by Creative Lab Brainport, École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Valenciennes (FR), Fictional Collective at Plug-in-City.

As we acknowledge and celebrate the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci in 2019, we will explore the world of machines and automaton - a pretext to reflect upon the automated world and to experiment with engineered movement.

This bootcamp aims to trigger the imagination and speculate on machines functioning in a dystopian future. Starting from your personal vision, working on a dystopian scenario, we will imagine a lost city with its machines, their purpose, the space and environment in which they will function. Based upon the constructed scenario, you will work in group to design a machine, a tool or an automaton (a self-operating machine).

As a result of the bootcamp, we expect a series of machines, engine or human-powered and presented in a dystopian context, in a future society. We foresee the inclusion of all the media necessary to express this vision (models, videos, drawings), in order to immerse ourselves in this imaginary world and experience it.

If you want to take part in the bootcamp, please send an email to Lorenzo Gerbi, ( introducing yourself and explaining why you want to join AUTOMATON.