met Eindhoven als hart, is een innovatieve toptechnologieregio van wereldformaat. Hier bedenken we oplossingen voor de maatschappelijke uitdagingen van morgen.

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Blockchaingers Hackathon

05 april - 08 april | Groningen | Blockchaingers | Website

From 5 to 8 April 2018, over 600 pioneers from 20 countries gather in Groningen, the Netherlands to collaborate in the largest physical blockchain hackathon in the world: The Blockchaingers Hackathon. The second edition of this massive co-creation event joins international corporates, investors and the Dutch government as launching customers with 63 selected teams. Together, they will develop working prototype solutions to pre-defined challenges, supported by top-level technology, legal and consulting partners as well as by Dutch regulators.

The hackathon is part of the Blockchaingers open innovation program. The best teams and prototypes with the most potential can unlock over €100.000 of cash prize stimulus as well as access to the successive acceleration program. The seven tracks are: Future of pensions, digital global identity, digital nation infrastructure, energy transition, machine-to-machine economy, health care and public safety & security. 

Last year’s pilot edition has proven successful for both the corporate and government sponsors as well as for the teams. Many found their way to investments, client deals and acqui-hires and, most importantly, to solutions that truly impact society. 

Apply for your spot before the 7th of March