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Scott Hartley about successful data entrepreneurship in Sillicon Valley

29 september | Sint Janssingel 92, 's-Hertogenbosch | JADS | Website

It is our pleasure to invite you for the first 'Meet the Front-Runner' keynote speaker. At Friday September 29th, Scott Hartley offered JADS the unique opportunity to share his Sillicon Valley experiences in data-driven entrepreneurship. 

Hartley speaks on how we might blend engagement with the newest tools with timeless methodologies. 

Who       Scott Hartley (Autor The Fuzzy and the Techie)
When     Friday September 29th
What      14:30h  - 15:00h Walk-in
              15:00h  - 16:30h Keynote
              16:30h  - 17:30h Drinks
Where    Sint Janssingel 92, 's-Hertogenbosch

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About Scott Hartley
Are the promises of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence oversold? Hartley unpacks how the best firms blend Fuzzy + Techie, and build on benefits of Human + Machine, speaking about the need for context and code, deep thinking humans and deep learning AI.
Having been in Silicon Valley since 1993, Hartley speaks to the new tools in AI, Machine Learning, and Algorithms discussing their promise, and how they can be managed.
Hartley speaks on how we might blend engagement with the newest tools with timeless methodologies. What is the future of work, and how can we educate, train, and hire for the skills relevant in a machine-led world?

About JADS Meet the Front-Runner
At JADS we believe in connecting people by sharing knowledge and inspiration. That’s why we connect international thought leaders, disruptors, innovators and the C-suite at JADS Mariënburg. Corporate professionals, startup entrepreneurs and data science students are welcome to join these free keynotes, interact and be part of an intensive workshop.