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Interview Arifuzzaman Arif (Bangladesh)

‘YBSS will give anyone a god impression of how science is making a difference in our life’

Howdid you experience the YBSS?
“It was one of the best weeks in my whole life. Everything including food, transports, lectures, presentations, group sessions were as fine as they should have been.”

Why did you sign up?
“I was curious about visiting big companies like Philips and ASML. That was my main reason to sign up, but I learned a lot more.”

How did you prepare for the YBSS?
“I tried to know more about the Netherlands. I also tried to learn some important Dutch phrases. And I didn't forget to learn about things like X-ray diffraction, lithography or plasma before our visits to TU/e, DIFFER and other hi-tech industries.”

Would you recommend the YBSS to others and if so, why?
“Of course I would. YBSS will give anyone a good impression of how science is making a difference in our life, and how science is doing that through cutting edge technology.”

What did you gain by taking part of the YBSS?
“I learned how to implement the invention of science in our lives to make the world a better place. Along with some intriguing topics like plasma, diffraction, lithography and 3D printing, I learned about many forms of new cutting edge technology. I saw products that inspired me to pursue my dream through Physics. But apart from these academic things, I felt how the world is inherently connected. I met some extraordinary and cool new friends who made my life better and are still helping me in many ways.”

What´s your most memorable anecdote regarding the YBSS?
“On our last day, almost all of us started crying. I also became very emotional while seeing off everyone. Before going to the YBSS, I never thought our bond would be that strong.”

Do you keep in touch with any other participants of the YBSS?
“I gained some amazing and lovely friends from the YBSS. We still contact each other and sometimes share our ideas and thoughts. I think I will meet some of them again very soon. “

Do you have any tips for future participants and/or the organization?
“Because learning is really fun in the YBSS, I think the program should include a more rigorous syllabus along with hands-on experiments. That would make the participants academically stronger.”

What are your future plans? And did the YBSS influence them in any way?
“I aspire to open an efficient waste management industry in my country after my undergrad in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field. But, before attending the YBSS I didn't know how to do that, or if I could really pursue my dream or not. After visiting several high tech industries, watching their close collaboration with governments and universities, their ethical sense and use of cutting edge technology, I now know the road I have to follow to chase my dream. Thanks to YBSS.”