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​Spanish ‘trainees’ Miguel Pereira and Saul Perez get hired by Any-IT

From automating internal processes to software development department

Over a year ago Miguel Pereira (29) and Saul Perez (27) left Spain for a traineeship at the Dutch company Any-IT based in the Brainport Eindhoven region. After their traineeship the company offered Miguel and Saul a contract and they stayed. “We were looking for a better work-life balance and a better living environment and that is what we found in Eindhoven. Moreover, our traineeship has resulted in a new department for Any-IT and we are now guiding two new Spanish trainees: Manuel Parga (20) and Ruben Amoedo (23).

Any-IT is a relatively small company in office automation for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises based in Nuenen near Eindhoven. “At our company we mainly have a lot of technical engineers working in the field of hardware,” Sales manager Ragnar Gerritsen explains: “we needed more customized software and our operational director had heard about the possibilities the Brainport Traineeship Program offered. That is when we decided to participate in the program and how we got in touch with Miguel and Saul.”

Working abroad after software development course
Saul and Miguel got to know the Brainport Traineeship Program during a two-year software development course. Saul had studied medicine in Poland before but did not finish his studies and Miguel had already worked in digital printing for a couple of years and then decided to take on an extra study.

“I had finished a bachelor, started working at a relatively low level but was promoted in the company,” Miguel says. “Then I met Saul and together we decided to participate in a software development program for two years where they were mainly learned to program in JAVA and C#.”

Looking for a better work-life balance
“After we had finished the program, we decided to go look for a job abroad,” Miguel explains. "We were looking for a better environment, a place with a better work rhythm. In Spain you start working relatively late, you have a long break and then you work till in the evening. You do not have any spare time left. In the Netherlands the work-life balance is better. Moreover, people here are quieter. In Spain cities can be chaotic, public life is loud. When I meet with family I prefer them visiting us."

Quickly succeeded in learning a new programming language
“In the Netherlands we had a bit of a rough start, Saul explains. At Any-IT we needed to program in PHP, a programming language we did not yet know. We, however, learned to program in PHP in a short time and were able to add value within quite a short time by automating internal processes. Initially I was a bit worried as we did not earn money for the company in a direct way. But we really managed to optimise internal processes quickly.”

From automation of internal processes to developing for clients
“At first, we programmed solutions and functionalities for the internal company like a quoting module and functionalities for CRM, order processes and smart ways to manage orders,” Saul says. “In the beginning it took us weeks to program a relatively simple functionality, but we kept getting faster and faster. And after a while we even expanded our activities by developing software for Any-IT's clients. This has now resulted in the company expanding its activities with a software development department which is managed by our colleague Niels.”

“Niels is also responsible for the customer contact,” Miguel adds. “Something which I prefer as it is still hard to get a sound view of the customer's wishes in English. When I came here my English was not that good. I learned a lot of English while working here. Saul’s English is a lot better. Now we are also going to learn Dutch, we have registered for a Dutch course.”

Flexibility, trust and appreciation for proactivity
“What we like most about working for Any-IT is the flexibility and the trust we get from the company. When we want to work at home we can work at home. When we work on a Saturday we can get a Monday off in return. Furthermore, people here are really nice. It is a very open culture with little hierarchy and they care about you on a personal level. Moreover, if you show initiative and be proactive you can learn a lot here.”

Living in Eindhoven is good
“Furthermore, living in Eindhoven is also good. It is an open city, it is clean, and everyone can find their place. Some things are a bit more expensive in the Netherlands, like going to a cinema but on the other hand salaries are higher. Other things we needed to get used to are the progressive tax system and the separate health insurance. In Spain a family doctor is appointed to you, here you can choose a doctor. We have chosen to register at an international healthcare centre where English is the main language that is spoken. Last, we like the events that are organised in Eindhoven on a regular basis.